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I'm in the process of starting a bean to bar chocolate company.  When I've tempered chocolate in the past I use seeding to get the proper crystallization.  Will a small temper machine properly temper chocolate when there is no tempered chocolate to seed in?


Josh Parker

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I think selmi tempering machine can do the job as it has refrigerator unit in the machine itself and have 3 stage tempering

Hi Josh. I think you posted this in the wrong place. You probably want to post this on the forum page or the home brew group.

That being said, as long as you can get the temperature down to the low 80s, you should be able to temper without seed. I do this with small test batches using my Chocovision x3210.

the usual tempering temp. is 110-120 heat at first and then cool it to 83-85 and then reheat to 95-100 deg C

Thanks for the input Balpreet Sign.  Ben I also appreciate knowing you telling me what machine you use.  I've wanted the video on youtube with Chocolate Tourist and was impressed with your home made roaster.  I'm going to make a similar unit.  I'm about to order my equipment but was nervous about spending $2k on a machine that is normally used when seeding. 


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