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I am looking for a tempering machine for my 1 year old chocolate business. I think I would want more than a table top. Any advice? Any Available?

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Hi Donna, can you just give some further detail? What would you like to do with the machine? Only tempering? Or maybe even enrobing? What about a continuous tempering machine? Removable screw pump for cleaning? And dosing device? Night cycle? Vibrating table for molds? What about everything in one machine?

Everything depends on your requirements.


Thank you for asking.  I am currently only tempering, all the rest manually. I would like a machine that could grow with me.  I really don't have a big budget currently, and was hoping to find something used.

I make a lot of truffles and molded chocolates, but my most popular confection currently is English Toffee. 

I work with about 5pounds at a time, and the night cycle would be nice.  I would like the machine to be somewhat easy to change chocolates. Everything on a single machine sounds great.

Let me know your thoughts. 

Thanks Donna

Hi Donna, well it seems you would need a complete machine. Unfortunately the more complete, the bigger is in dimension. But...I work for an italian company (since 1977 we have been manufacturing tempering machines) that some years ago understood the importance of giving the smaller machines, higher capacity of work.

Except form the table top machine, all our tempering machines can enrobe with chocolate (english toffee). You can remove the screw pump to clean it.

You do 5 pounds at a time but with a machine your job organization is changing. You can concentrate into shorter times to make a huge variety of products. You can use all the chocolate of the bowl to finish your products (molds, covered, pralines..).

You could add the enrobing device after few years..

Everything has to be specific for you.

Have a look on

Hi Donna,

I follow also the discussion.  It's clear that you want a machine to grow with you and not a machine that is limited in work.

Please do not make the decision to buy a small tempering machine with only a little enrober, because this will block you after a short while and then the investment is lost.  Tomric is doing a great job in the US with the distribution of our tempering machinery.  You have the service after sales locally in the US which is important and they can give you the suggestions how to grow with the machinery we have in our range.  We have also very interesting machines on side (for example machines that roast nuts and coffee, as also a machine to make paste like nutella)  Have a look at our website, let me know if you have questions or contact Sean Tucci @ Tomric :

Good luck and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.



Hi Donna, what I understood from you was: "I really don't have a big budget currently, and was hoping to find something used". And : "I work with about 5pounds at a time".

The belt is not the main thing for you now (even if it would be useful with english toffee), but the one of the Prima is 18 cm width. With 7 kg chocolate (machine bowl)  you can do 30 kg final product (more or less 4-5 grams chocolate on each enrobed product). Is not a small belt!

Anyway everything is up to you and your requirements. You want a bigger machine? You can have it! Ask for it and try to understand what is important for you.

You are the one who knows what  a "machine that can grow with you" means. 



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