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I have about 700 brand new velvet flocked boxes with trays and pads. I'd like to sell them in one shot, but would consider selling them by the case. There are two sizes, 11 count, of which I have about 300, and 24 count, which I have about 400. All are in sealed cases. If you take them all you can have them for $500,  plus shipping. that's less then $1 each.  Here's a link to this years model for over $5 each. The only difference is the gold strip:

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I should add that the boxes are in Oakland, CA

Hi, how much for just the small 11 count? if you would like to discuss. 

I'd also like to add I'm in  San Francisco and pick up ASAP.

Paul I am interested in these please email with cost on partial lot.

They come with candy trays?  I'll take 30 of each size.

Forgot to add.  You can email me at or call 720.204.8003, our store number.

I am interested in 24 pieces box please let me know the price with shipping to India.

price to ship to  India is $1227.83 per case. Please send me a check.

Just an update on the boxes. After selling a bunch of the small hearts today,  there are 300 large hearts in 15 cases. For these I have more then enough pads, but only 140 trays. The cases measure 10"x18"x18" and weigh 8 lbs each.

There are 300 small hearts in 10 cases. For these there are way too many pads,(over 2000) but only 138 trays. These cases measure 13"x20"x9" and weigh 7 lbs.

Shipment will be from 94611. says the large will cost $20.43 per case and the small are $17.76 per case to ship. If you have an account with a shipper that has better pricing I'm happy to have you send me shipping labels.

Can i get the price? I'm interested in one case of each(with pad and trays)
My email is

Hi Paul,

Just saw your post(Valentine's Day and all).

 Let me know if you have any heart boxes still available. I'm interested for future use.

It would be a ship to Chicago.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!



Yup, still have them. How many would you like? If I'm selling by the case it's $30/case for both sizes.


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