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I am looking for a 50# to 100# chocolate melter.  I have a small panning operation and am currently using a chocovision Delta.  The delta is great but with the holey baffle I am only able to melt about 18 pounds of chocolate at a time and a batch of panned dragee usually requires at least 40#'s of chocolate.

This is a small operation running out of my garage so I am looking for something used....  possibly something like this.... 

if anyone has a unit lying in the corner of their shop, let me know....


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I have a 125# Savage melter (posted here a while back) that is still available.  Check out the post and let me know if you are interested.



Could you tell me where you purchased your panning maching.

Was the technique difficult to learn?

I currently use molds to create a bagged chocolate product but I am fed up with the molds.

I think panning could be the answer.  My product doesn't have to be pretty but does need to be shelf stable(no bloom) for at least 6 months.

I have heard though that panning requires a great deal of experience.  Would you agree?

Thanks for any insights you can offer.


Margret....  you can find used pans online all the time....  If you are serious and need help sourcing one, let me know...  They are out there...  Ebay is one great place to look.  Just make sure you are getting what you can use....  about 95% of the pans out there are 3 phase.

panned items, or dragee, are great....  nuts will generally have a shelf life of over a year when covered properly.  blooming has more to do with the storage of your product than whether it is panned or poured into molds...  if they are coming out of the molds just fine then they should not be blooming 6 months down the road.  If they are then your issue is storage or packaging....  You might have too much humidity in your packaging environment.

Chocolate doesn't like water.  Keep your humidity levels below 45% in both your processing and packaging environments.  If you cool your molds in a fridge....  Just leave them in there for a short time until the chocolate is seized, then let them cure in a cool dry environment.

I have never taken any classes on panning....  I looked at a few and if you can afford it, Im sure there will be things you can glean from them.  I started panning basically out of passion.  I love it.  I find it almost meditative.  besides, 18+ years as a chocolatier, this is one of the few things I haven't done.  I started working with chocolate at the age of 15 and now in my mid thirties I find that panning is what I plan on doing for the next few years if not longer.....  I mean... there will always be the other things that need to be done but this is what I really enjoy.  Two years ago I started by building a pan for about 10# batches... much like the kitchenaid attachemnet, ( I grew out of this pan in about 6 weeks) so then moved up to a larger pan which makes about 70#'s per batch.

I am more focused on polishing without using any sort of glaze.  I pan nuts for growers where the nut is the focus using a chocolate through my regular supplier but then I also pan items for bean to bar operations where these customers want their chocolate with a specific item.  in either case, nobody wants "bug juice" or some flammable liquid poured over them so I polish using a technique which I have been practicing using a perfect combination of temperature, humidity, friction, air temp and air force to get a brilliant shine.

You say your product doesn't have to be pretty.  If this is the case then you shouldn't have any problems  panning chocolate is really very easy, the hard part is making it pretty and shiny.

If you have a way of selling your ugly panned items, you will be able to learn quite easily....  research online....  Practice panning....  Sell off your mistakes cheep.... Practice panning.... research some more..... Practice Panning.....  Eventually you will come up with the technique.

Best of Luck....  hope it works out for you

mike....  if you have any pics online i would be interested in you machine if this other unit falls through.  from what you wrote, I assume that it just melts chocolate and that the tempering feature does not work.

Hey Jeremey,

I have a 2008 savage 200 lbs melter. I'ts a little bigger than your looking for but its on nice caster wheels and is a beautiful melter. New is over $7000. 

If interested email me at

looks like I may have sourced a 100# tank.  Mike and John... I will contact you if it falls through.


I have a 2005 Savage 50lb melter with the deposit pump. The heating cartridge for the pump is bad. Let me know if you are interested.

Dan Martin,

Janesville, WI


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