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I have many items that I am interested in purchasing. Here are a few

Stainless Steele kettle for Savage Brothers cookers

tempering machines


bar molds


Please contact me if you have any of these or even other items that are for chocolate/candy making.


Lisa :)

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Hi, Lisa. We can certainly help you acquire all of this machinery for bean-to-bar production and candy making.

Feel free to send me your contact info to jim at


Jim Greenberg, President

Union Confectionery Machinery

Hi Lisa,

I have a Chocovision Rev x3210 with two baffles and two bowls. It has been very lightly used for small batch candy making and recently adjusted. It works perfectly! I can send you pictures if you would like.



Hi Cheryl,

I would be interested in the rev x3210.  Is it still available?



I have a lot of equipment for sale. if you would like to call me to discuss...518-320-2505

my name is L.J  Goldstock


By any chance, do you still have any equipment available for sale?

Thank you,

 - Sara

yes all is still available temperer, moulding station, moulds, 1 door fridge, 3 door fridge.

I have Chocolate Manufacturing equipment for sale. Temperer, Moulding Station, fridges, moulds.

Hey Jude, (haha) I bet you get that  a lot, I would be interested in talking to you more about the equipment you are selling. If Lisa doesn't contact you, If you would message me I would appreciate it.



Hi there - all is still available in New Zealand. I would like to sell this equipment pretty soon.

By any chance, do you still have any equipment available for sale?

Thank you,

 - Sara

Jude, I too am interested in some chocolate moulds and melter/ temperer so if no one else has agreed to purchase yours please contact me with more info: Thanks

I am very keen to sell this equipment. All is still available.


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