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I am looking to see if anyone has or knows where I could get some chocolate high heel molds. I would like to get ones that are a little thicker than the hobby grade molds. I have a attached a picture I found on the Internet of what I'm looking for the end result to look like. I would like to get started soon. I am looking to launch these before Mother's Day. Thanks!!!

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Try Tomric.

How would u box it?
Bags or there's a purse box I found. Or if I ship it, pack it like a real pair of shoes

Can you share which Purse Box you found and where I could buy one?  Thank you!

The mold you need is

Life of the Party   

Right and Left  #08886 FDA / D /55  A & B

It is a moderate plastic not polycarbonate


I have those and you have to cut the opening. The opening is really rough looking.

I took a class and it takes time and alot of patience but they turn out beautiful .We put on white chocolate leather / trim plus bows .Where do you live?

Illinois I just got those molds yesterday and made one. It turned out ok. I think my seconds shoe mold will look better because I got that mold to come out nicer looking.

I am not sure if you already resolved this, but I thought I would give you a couple links in case you had not. The first is Tomric, and the second is from Chef Rubber. I own 2 from chef rubber and they are great. I have not seen the ones from Tomric, but all the molds I do have from them have been great.


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