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I need help finding someone who can do custom chocolate package printing in small quantities. I've been looking for days now and have had no luck. Any thoughts are really appreciated.



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Custom and small quantities are generally mutually exclusive. When you say small quantities - what quantities are you thinking of? And, what kind of packaging? Boxes?

Hi Clay,

That's what I'm finding but there are dozens of artisanal and small chocolate ventures around that have managed to do it, so I'm still hopeful. Based on my research so far, I am able to work with minimums of 1000-3000 pieces. I am aiming for one of those tear-off pouches - like the little hershey bars and ghirardelli squares sold individually. But am also willing to go the foil and wrapper route if nothing else works.

Any thoughts would be helpful.


The little tear-off packages are called flow-wrap and require both a special machine and special films on long rolls. Here in the US, a basic machine can easily cost $15,000. The cost of the film will depend on many factors, including the type of film and how many colors are printed. The least expensive way to use flow wrap is to use a metalized film (mylar) and then put the flow-wrapped bar into an envelope or box.

You can certainly wrap the bars in foil or food-safe paper and then overwrap with a printed label of some sort.



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