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We are after an automatic continuous tempering machine with around 15-30kg output per hour.


We are in New Zealand, but will look at overseas options for the right machine.





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My machine is listed here:

It tempers a 20kg batch of chocolate in 25 minutes and holds the chocolate in temper for hours. There are two tanks, so you could have twice the amount ready in 45-50 minutes. The machine is located in VT, USA and price is negotiable.

Thanks for your interest :)

Hi Wilhelm,


Your website seems to have been marked as an attack website?






You are correct. My server was compromised Monday and I deleted a whole bunch of malicious code on Monday night. The domain doesn't host any files anymore - you see the attack page report, because Google has not updated their records yet.

There are no more malicious files on my server at this point in time though.

I will take out the link above - If still interested, just reply :)


PS. Cannot edit link above. The domain runs out any day now and like I said, there is nothing there anymore ~

dear sir we sell semi automatic machine can have tempered chocolate around 30 kgs at 26 degree room temperature  in 12 minutes it works by add chocolate can do 120 kgs per day for only 5500 usd including free shipping

visit and have attachment pdf for this purpose




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