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I am a small start up business and am looking for some entry level used chocolate tempering/melting equipment, such as a Bakon MTD 1-2-3, ACMC Tabletop Tempering Machine, etc.  Any of the entry level tabletop machines would work.  I am located in the US.


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I have an ACMC that I have not used in years. It's been in storage and was working before it was put away.

I have attached pictures . If you are interested, contact me at I am located in Texas.



Thanks for the response - I will email you.

Thanks again


I tried to email you but am getting a delivery status notification of non-delivery.  Can you resend your email address?

Thank you

Is this item still for sale


Hi I have a PTL 100 Batch Temperer new Zealand - also a ACMC Table Top Temperer but the probe needs replacing at a cost around $150.00NZ$, also have a PTL Moulding Station and Skjope Fridges.

Hi, have a hillard tempering,enrober, if interested I can send pictures,

I have a Hilliard's Little Dipper for sale for $750 plus shipping costs.  If you are interested, email me at

DeRhonda, I attempted to email you but the mail was returned undeliverable.  Can you post picture and information?


Hi, I have a TF20 melter/temperer by design and realisation that I am selling for 750.  I am located

in Vermont.


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