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Please message me if you have one you are looking to part with. An idea of shipping costs as well, to USA zip code 97301.

Thank you!

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I have a rev X3210,
Complete with extra bowl and scraper along with a custom poly cover.
I won't be back at the shop until Monday, but I can get you ship info then.

Thanks Kevin! Do you have an asking price?


I'm thinking $1,150 plus what looks like about 45-50 shipping,

I can ship the rev with the extra bowls and scraper in one box, the cover will be in a flat sleeve.



It seems that one goes on sale every other week on eBay.  They go for around 1100-1200 used. I keep losing the auctions though.

I just lost an auction, in the last second. Now I know to wait til the *very* last second next time one comes up! 

Lol, I think we're all bidding against each other!

Well... if you could all stop bidding so I can get one, that'd be great :P I might just suck it up and get a refurbished one


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