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Hi Everyone!

I posted a little while back but got no replies, so I figured that I'd try again. I'm a 14 year old in California, and I have a small chocolate business(mainly truffles and clusters). Recently, production has increased, and I am in need of a tempering machine. The capacities of the Revolation X3210 or Delta are perfect for my needs. I have looked at ACMC machines, but I have heard that they aren't nearly as good quality as the chocovision machines. Unfortunately, being 14 has its monetary limitations. I can only afford to pay around $850 for a machine, plus shipping. I know that it's not much of a budget, but if you have a used Rev. X3210 or Delta that you would be willing to sell around that price range, I would be unbelievably grateful. Also, if you have an ACMC (with good reviews) that you are willing to let go for very cheap, please let me know as I might be interested. Thank you guys so much; this community has been so helpful in this adventure.

Trula Rael

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