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The discussion title says it all. We are looking for a guitar to cut ganaches and marshamllows in our chocolate shop. It would help us speed us processing around the holidays. So if you know of where I can find one or have one, I am interested...I have priced a few new ones.


Thanks for looking...


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we sell Guitard, visit our web site:

You can contact Rick Brownstein @ 1 847-855-7408 for pricing information.


Pierrick Dubreil


Thanks so much for your reply, I buy most of my things from Rick now. :-) These guitars are mighty expensive, but so far he has the best price for a new one.


Thank you again!

Hi Emily,


I have a guitar that I have had a few years but have only used on a few occasions.  I got it from Bakon and have two sizes of cutting blocks for it.  I am located in NY about 30 minutes outside of NYC.  I just don't tend to use it that much and would like to sell it.  Are you still looking for one?



I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see pictures and YES I am still interested. We need one. So let me know some more info and we can talk about it. We live in upstate ny, so really not that far in the whole scheme of things. Can't wait to hear and see more!



Still interested, and someone we know can pick it up and pay cash... if it's in our price range. Have you decided against selling it? Please let us know.. thanks.


Hi Heidi,

Can you post a picture of the one that you are selling and the price.  In case Emily does not take it, I may be interested, depending on the price and the model. 




It's a nice guitar, I googled it....


did you ever find one. I am also looking for a small on. I am such a small chocolate company, Nena's Chocolate in Somes Bar, Cal Very remote area.....but Im looking for one too. they are pretty expensive, I was hoping to spend $350 .....may be impossible.


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