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 I am starting a very small (much smaller than everyone on here that says they are small) business making chocolates from cacao butter and powder in Canada, and would really like to source cacao paste with the farmer in mind before huge profits.  If anyone has any leads as to where I could source just the paste, I would sincerely appreciate it.  I am so small at this time that I cannot afford to travel to Ecuador, but would really like to make a difference with my dollar and actually buy direct from the farmer and hopefully build a ongoing relationship. thanks, Beth  

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Hi Beth, I am a small chocolate maker.  I directly source my beans from Honduras and could make cocoa liquor for you from these beans if you are interested.  If so, send me a message.



hi there, I am following up on a past message finally.  I would be interested in trying your liqueur, I've never had any cacao from Honduras.   what would be the minimum you would ship.  I am near Nelson, B.C., where are you? I would want to sample it before any large quantities.  Thanks,  Beth 

I might be able to help you with Ecuadorian Nacional liquor/paste. Please email me on jeff at sternchocolates dot com.


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