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We are opening a small candy store in MN and I am looking for the following items used (if possible):

 - Panning Attachement for KitchenAide mixer

 - tabletop tempering unit (Rev or ACME or similar that holds at least 3-6lbs)

 - Magnetic Molds

 - Poly molds

 - Vibrating Table

 - Caramel Cutter


I am sure there are other items I'd like, but at this exact moment I can't think of them and I don't have my "wants" list in front of me. I do already have a large number of molds, but I'd really like eaach flavor to have it's own.


reply here or at pptrenda at gmail dot com


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Hi Paula,

I have a tempering machine for sale. It is probably a bit pricier (negotiable) and larger than what you need, but I wanted to throw it out there anyways. -->



hi paula,

i have a hilliard's little dipper tempering kettle and probably 15-20 magnetic molds (rectangular shaped with the corners curved in-i'll see if i can find a link for you to look at). please email me directly so we can discuss pricing.



I have a Revolution Delta basically brand new with the extra 7 lb baffler unit. Retail cost with extra unit is about $2100. Totals 17 lb capacity. 10lb without Extra equipment. Asking $1400 or best offer let me know.


Thanks Lou

I have new magnetic molds (oval, circle, heart and squares) and some used poly molds.  I have the smaller Rev1 tempering machines too.  I have sold them 3 at a time to people just starting out so they can simultaneously have white, milk and dark chocolate in temper at the same time.


You can me a message with your email to follow up.




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