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Preferably used and reasonably priced!

Send me an email if you have one available

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Oh yeah also interested in any magnetic molds that can be used with transfer sheets.

You might want to add where you are located, shipping for a marble slab could negate a good price!

If you are not too fussy on how the marble slab is finished on the edges or size, shape or colour, just go to a local stone cutters and see if they will let you go through their off cuts. They will have anything up to a meter by a meter in their bin. I just picked up some pieces for our lab to go under the balances to dampen vibrations from other equipment. There was a sweet piece in the skip that was perfectly square 1 x 1 meters, the guy let us take what we wanted for free. They would probably edge it for you if you paid them a little.

Wow Tom great idea, thanks. I'm located in Charlotte, nc

Tom's idea is right on. A countertop fabricator friend of mine made me a granite slab and he even finished handholds for me so it's easy to pick up and move.

I actually picked up a free piece of countertop from the trash bin at a countertop place, the only problem is that it's not as big as I would like, and it's pretty thick (and heavy).


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