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Looking for some good used, working equipment to help make production more efficient. Would love to have a coater such as the little dipper or something similar. Prefer a double guitar but if the price is right...I'm interested. Please let me know or if you know of any suppliers of these kind of products in Western Canada I'd love your advice and direction of who to contact!

All the best!

If you have anything like the above mentioned you want to sell, please let me know the price and picture if possible! Cheers

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HI Dirke-I just posted my cutter on Craigslist and had not posted to here yet.  See the link below (it is only a single).  I am in the SF Bay area.  Cheers-Dennis

Thanks Dennis. Kinda leaning more towards a double as I can get a new one for about $1900. with a few different guitars. Probably not as solid as yours, I expect. Just curious why you don't use it? Do you not find it useful? Appreciate the link and postback so quickly. Let me know. Cheers

Dirke - on can supply this machinery and we ship to Western Canada all of the time.

Contact me anytime.


Jim Greenberg, President

Union Confectionery Machinery


Perfect thanks Jim. I really don't know what to look for / what I need or anything about these pieces of equipment but I will take a look. I will be in touch! What kind of info do I need to see which piece would do the trick? I am guessing a one up but what else should I know when considering a machine for flow wrapping? I'd appreciate any direction.

Cheers & Happy Easter!

Call me Tuesday when I am back to work - 347.226.5039 direct line office thanks.

Happy Easter,



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