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Before I buy a new one, I was wondering if any chocolate businesses have an old guitar cutter they aren't using? I am just getting started and would love to try to keep out of credit card debt!! ;)


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Hi Kate,

I have an "Adjustable Rolling Cutter" that can be used for cutting caramels, ganache, and other items.

It is like this one:

If you are interested give me a shout.

Patrick Sikes
Thanks, Patrick! I sent you an email.
If you have not purchased one yet I have an extra Dedy 5mm base and 25mm frame that retails for about $1900 that I will sell for a reasonable offer.
Hi, just wondering about that guitar cutter...if you still have it, I may be interested. Let me know
Tom Coleman
515 491 4866
I may also be interested if you've still got it. Or if anyone else has one available. --Robyn Dochterman,

I still have it if you are interested

Sorry didn't see your reply. Yes, I still have it if you are still interested.
I have a Dedy 5mm base and 25 mm frame if you are still looking
I'm interested if Tom has not acquired it. How much would you be asking for the Dedy? And, where are you located? (I'm new to the forum - just joined today - so I don't know anyone's location yet). Thanks.


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