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I'm at the point of growth that I need an enrober to get my production up.  Right now, I'm looking at the Dedy 220, Perfect Equipments Enro-6 and possibly and FBM Compatta. I don't need anything more than 15-20K (30-45lb) capacity  I'd prefer to find something used from another Chocolatier, but am open to purchasing new.  I'm also looking for smaller profile unit with a take off belt to fit in to my small kitchen.

If you currently use any of these machines, I would really appreciate your feedback/opinions on the equipment to help me with my choices.

Feel free to contact me privately at or answer to this post

Thank you :)

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I own the Perfect Enro 6 and I wrote a detailed post a while back . Scroll down and you will see it.

All the machines you are looking at seem really good. The Dedy is more expensive, but the quality of the machine seems really high. Tom Polk of TCF sales represents these so it would be worth reaching out to him if you have not already. I like wheel machines and so I would choose the Dedy if budget was not an issue.  The perfect gives a lot of bang for the buck though.

I am not knowledgeable about  FBM. I believe Clay offers some discounts on the machines he represents. If automatic tempering is important to you then it would be worth talking to him.

Thanks Daniel! Appreciate the feedback.

I have a Perfect. While it is far from perfect, it is great for the money. I couldn't be in business without it. Like anything, there is a learning curve. The instructions that come with it are sadly inadequate, but somehow you figure it out.  I second the recommendation for Tom Polk at TCF.  Good guy.

Thank you Ruth.


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