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I'm looking a machine to grind, grate or shred tempered chocolate into small (2-5 mm) particles. See photo for an idea of size. We need about 5 to 10 pounds per day of grated product. A commercial cheese shredded might work, so long as it did not melt the chocolate either through the friction of grating or by transfer of heat from the motor. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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Interesting.  That just might work.  Thanks!

go on line and buy the Ice shredder for making flavored ices, they are cheap and you can buy different size grates and it wont heat up the chocolate, I used to use a cheese grater ( industrial like for pizza cheese) to keep it from melting just dont press hard.

Are you using for seed? I have a better way SHHHHHHHH

Interesting idea. Are you currently using one of these? I just googled 'ice shredder' and found a bunch of different types of machines. Have you found one type to work better than others? Is it able to handle large blocks (hotel pan sized) of chocolate?

either way youll have to break the bars to fit what ever shredder you use, dont get a cheap unit that could break. BUT the ice shredder is durable because ice is harder then cheese. I hobart cheese grater is perfect. the part the STINKS is the darn STATIC!! chocolate ends up all over the place.

If you want buy a cheap commercial ice crusher on line and see if it works.

Thanks Grant. That's good info. One of the reasons I am interested in the prefamac machine is because it can take a big block of chocolate. But I'm sure it's a lot more expensive than an ice shaver.

are you trying to make chunks or fine flakes for seed? there are larger block choppers for melting but not good for making finer seed. Call my friend ask for Jim Greenberg at 718-585-0200 he should have a used block chopper. tell him Grant sent you.

what size kettle are you melting chocolate in.


Thanks Grant. At some point, I'm going to need to to make flakes, but not for seed. I see that Jim has a block shaver listed on his site. When I'm closer to needing one, I'll contact him. Thanks for your help.

I melt in a Savage Bros 50lb temperer.


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