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I am in search of either the physical manual chocolate pump, or pictures of the pump disassembled.

Since my Business Partners Father passed away in 2001, any information pertaining to her Father's creation went missing.

Can anyone help,
Shawn Alter
Senior Marketing Director Hake Plastic Molds formally George H. Hake Inc.

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Hi Shawn: So you are now a part owner of Hake? After the old man died many years ago, his wife took over. Then she died in 2001. Their daughter and her husband took over. But I don't know whether or not they were serious about the business. It was hard to get a hold of them. They couldn't answer questions. I have two Hake pumps, both on their last legs. I have maintained them myself for the last 16 years.
Right now, I am in the process of having a pump made to do what the Hake does. However, mine will have a different design. And I plan on marketing it.
Would love to talk to you anyway.

Without Prejudice.

Hello Linda,
I want to address what you said above in your comments, for all the other members to understand what is correct and what is not.
As I recently became invloved in the Business dealings with Hake Plastics.
I am not an Owner, rather I have a vested interest in the Business; and further development of new products.

Let me enlighten you on the history of George H. Hake Company; as it is incorrect.
George started his Business in 1961, he was one of the 1st Inventors of the "plastic mold", which revolutionized the Chocolate Industry. (Documented US Patents prove this statement)
He past away in November 2001, his Wife is still living at a young age of 89.
His Daughter and Son-in-law, re-started the Business in September 2002; under the name Hake Plastics; without the Direction of her Father; things have been difficult; although they're managing the Business, rather well I might add.
With my Assistance in the development of new Product Designs, Catalogs and a larger Client Base, we're growing everyday.

Linda, Due to the fact that there were Legal issues and Lawyers letters passing hands several years ago..... We'll leave it at that.

I feel it is not in my best interest to be involved. Along with the fact that you're building a pump of your own, that is similar to that of the Hake Power pump.

With this being said, my trade secrets, and understanding the inner workings of all pump designs, that we currently manufacture, will remain that,.....a secret.

As for stating that the Hake Pumps have lasted for over 16 years; that in itself is a good testimonial, of the Quality of the Hake Power Pump.
Thank you

Shawn Alter
Senior Marketing Director
Hake Plastic Molds
i have a hake tempering unit with pump
i have used it once and i will sell it to you if you like

Hello David,
Would you please e-mail me directly.

My Address is:

How much were you looking for?
Or would you like a Brand New Hake Power Pump; that will work on almost all Machines.

Warm Regards,
Shawn Alter _ Chocolatier
Senior Marketing Director of Hake Plastic Molds


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