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Interested in buying a mini chocolate enrober (topper and preferably a bottomer), with some small / cooling tunnel (if possible). Location is South Florida. Thanks and please let me know as soon as possible

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I sell them, Laura. Please send me your email to




When you say "mini" what do you mean? Mini as in the quantity of production, mini as in the dimensions of the belt and/or unit? The same thing is true of the cooling tunnel. The length of tunnel is crucial in determining throughput ... so when you say mini what do you mean? The shortest cooling tunnels I regularly work with are three meters or nearly ten feet long. And that is considered very short. Throughput is determined by widths and belt speeds of the enrober and tunnel. The longer the tunnel the faster the belts can run and the greater the throughput. 

HI Clay,

This isn't our main line of business but we were looking to add some chocolate coated items to our list. When I say mini I mean ones like the Bakon and HIllard mini enrobers, they are much smaller and do less output than the super large machines. The cooling tunnel at 10 feet isn't the problem, we just don't need a huge $30,000 machine, look for something used, smaller and under $7500. Do you have any recommendations on where we should look? Thanks so much


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