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I'm looking for a used chocolate melter in good condition. Something similar to a mol d' art melter would be ideal.


If anyone has one they are trying to sell or know where to find one it would be appreciated.

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I have a 13.7 litre Martellano  melter ( $1090 on Chef Rubber) I'd sell for $800  plus shipping. It's virtually new- I have a Selmi so don't use it anymore.
Hi, I have a 3 kg. Mol dart melter that is very lightly used and I am looking to sell. Give me a call or email me back, 9173344519..I also have a used Rev2 tempering machine..Thanks, Kevin

You can perhaps check our ipfco's melters at


Their 6 kg melter is available for US$ 390.- + shipping or so


They have good support



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