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I wish to buy a #10 size stove or possibly a #20 with full set of reducing rings. I have a small operation with too little capability for large batch production so larger stoves won't work. If anyone has one that they are looking to sell or knows of one for sale please send me the info. Thanks.

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I have a #10 Savage Gas Stove with just (1) reducing ring so it will take an 18" and 16" kettle which I also have. Can send pictures. It is set for LP not Propane. For just the stove $550 plus shipping. I am in Janesville, WI

hi Daniel, can you email pics? How would you prefer to receive payment? could you crate or pallet it for shipping?


I will try to attach pictures. If I can't, I sent a friend request so I can email directly. I restored the stove by sandblasting and painting with high temp paint. I also replaced the insulation and half of the burner inserts. The regulator is new from Savage. I also bought the ring for a 16" kettle. There are pictures of the kettles also below. I have (1) 16" and (2) 18". I have never used them for cooking(I did boil water just to check out the burners).   I could box up or crate as necessary. I would estimate $150-$200 shipping depending on where you are. It may be shippable via UPS or Fedex depending on how heavy and big the final package is. We could do a cashiers check or I have a Paypal account.  




Wow, Dan this looks very nice condition. How much are you wanting for the kettles too? I'm very interested, but have to wait few weeks for Halloween sales for return on those supplies.


I bought one 18" kettle for $275 and the 16" for $201 on Ebay. The second 18" I bought with the stove. I would take $250 for it. You may want to check Savages prices. I believe a new kettle would also have a thicker cross section. You don't have to buy all at once. I have attached a pict of the 18" kettle I bought on Ebay.




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