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I am looking for a gently used Savage Bros Firemixer 14 table top cooker. If I am not able to find one, does anybody know the price of a new one? Has anybody had experience with the new PLC cooker?

Thank you!

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I have one that I will possibly be selling in the next few weeks, but I am in the UK!

Hi George,

I would be concerned about the power requirements. I assume the unit runs at 50hz? Does it come with a package of Hobnobs too?  :)



I'll have to check the power requirements when I am in work later. With regards to the Hobnobs - I might include two packs if you are lucky! Here is a pic of the machine - it's barely been used at all.


I have one and may be willing to sell. Savage sells for new at about 7500 + 950 for base. I would be asking 5500 for mine. I bought a Groen and it works better for Carmel.


Why is the Groen better for caramel? Which model did you buy? We do a really nice caramel cream and would like a good all purpose cooker to do barks as well. How old is your cooker?



I just didn't like the agitator on the Savage because its a pain to clean and I don't mind stirring. The Savage also heats only from the flat bottom (but it heats fast). The Groen (TDB-7-20) is more compact and cooks 2/3 of the way up. The Groen can only heat to 300F (steam at 50psi) max so it wouldn't work for Brittles or butter toffee- I haven't tried the Savage for toffee but it's rated up to 350F.  My Savage is a 2007 I think and is not the touch screen model. Savage has the nice feature of cooling water to stop the cooking process.

Both Savage and Groen will make about a 25lb batch of caramel.

The Groen is a 1995 and has the old site glass. I got a pretty good deal on it ($1000 all told).  Hope that helps.


David, If you are talking about chocolate bark, you cannot use a fire mixer of any type. You need a tempering machine.





Do yous till have your Firemixer for sale?  You are in WI, right?  What is your email address?


I still have the Firemixer. Our email  is ph 608-755-1443 Janesville WI

Did I ever send pictures to you? 


Dan is your Savage Firemixer still available?


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