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I am looking for a sm truffle case somewhere in the 3ft range. Its for one of our wholesale clients and they don't have much space. ( coffee shop )


Any info would be great!



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I really like the one Chef Rubber has, at least for a small space.


You're in Florida ... is the client as well? Reason why, does the case need to be refrigerated and humidity controlled? I have a line on some and am looking into getting ChocolateLife member discounts. Company is Kinco (, located in NYC, though the units I am referring to are not on the site - they are just alluded to as "cases specially designed for chocolate presentation."

:: Clay

Hey clay, Yes the client is in florida & yes i would like the case to be climate & humidity controled. The client is finally getting close to pulling the trigger and im looking for cases again... Ill check out the link you sug.




Justin S


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