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I am looking for a small (like a Chocovision Revolation or similar) tempering machine.  I am not a commercial chocolatier, just someone who makes chocolates for friends and family on the weekends, and is tired of tempering by hand.  If you have a small machine and want to move up to something bigger, let me know!


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I bought a few more Chocovision Rev 1s than I am able to use for teaching (and haven't used).  I just sent you a message about it.

Hello, I am in a similar situation... Even though I love tempering by hand, I am looking for something small to do it for me. Any recommendation? Also, I am in New Zealand :-)


I have a barely used Chocovision Rev 2 that I no longer require.  It is in perfect working condition and I have a lid, brush, dipping tool, and 2 scrapers that go with it.  1.5 lb capacity, you can see specs on the chocovision website.  message me for more details.

I ended up finding a good deal on a used ACMC tabletop temperer, that I just received yesterday.  Thanks for the response.

Hi Jonathan, where is the machine at the moment? Would you ship to New Zealand? And what is the cost? Thank you

Hello, the machine is here with me in Oregon, United States.  It is purchased less than one month ago and used only a handful of times.  My production needs outgrew it really fast.  I can ship to New Zealand provided you pay for shipping and insurance, etc., arranged beforehand.  The machine costs $575 brand new and is in perfect working order, sake a fair offer on what you are willing to pay and what is in your budget.  I recommend responding via private message.


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