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I am looking for a ACME tabletop temperer or a Pavoni Minitemper, lightly used.

 Message me or email at k886625 AT gmail DOT com


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I have an ACMC tabletop tempering machine with an extra bowl that I would like to sell. The price would be $650.00 plus shipping. I also have 6 extra light bulbs that I can include at no cost.

Thank you for the replies our budgets for good use machine is  $400 or less plus shipping

I have a ACMC tabletop tempering that was used in our test kitchen. $650.00 + shipping from Texas.


I am interested in this as well but I would like to pay no more than $300 + shipping for a lightly used/clean ACME machine. That is what I purchased my previous ACME machine for.  If you have something of this nature, pls message me after giving Kevin S. first refusal. 



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