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Looking for a grinder/refiner with a capacity between 20 and 60 or so lbs.  Will pay a fair price for a machine in good condition.   Would prefer a machine already in California, but will pay shipping for the right machine.  Please let me know if you have anything.

Thanks in advance,

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no one is scaling up or down? i've had my eye on the 30, 40, 65-lb Ultra models.....anything like those floating around out there?
check out i have seen one there recently
thanks for the head's up. took a look this afternoon and didn't see one on their site, but maybe i missed it. will email them to be sure.

hey mike what did you end up getting? I am looking for a refining machine insutrial style. any thoughts?

I got a Cocoatown ecgc does what it should but the build quality is poor (belt shreds itself, nuts and bolts come loose, glue inside the bowl peels up and gets into batches, etc.) Also, the company doesn't know what kind of oil to use in the gear box (which requires changing as per their instructions). I got it because options were few at that price point and capacity and I needed the increased production capability right away. I will mention that they are friendly every time I've had to call, for whatever that is worth.

I would research other styles of machine as well, especially if your budget allows for it.


Hi Omar,  I have a 5 roll Lehmann Mill for sale.  It has not been used for about 4 years and may need the roll grinded.

651 V


Model: 3545

Produced: 1950s


 75 Horsepower

I am looking for $9500.

Mr Larsen - Can you please confirm members who might not be too familiar with roll mills in numbers > 2 whether or not this 5-roll mill work from nib or if it has to be in paste form, first.

My understanding is that they don't work from nib. You have to work from a paste and you would probably need to make sure the paste was in the 80-100 micron range in order to get down to 18-22 microns in a single pass.

Also, roll-mills like this one only deal with particle size development, and the output would still need to be conched.


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