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I am looking for a used tempering machine.

No need to have big capacity.

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I have an American Chocolate Mould Company table top tempering machine with extra bowl and blade. I've used it probably 100 times, still working great. Bought new direct from manufacturer last fall for $850. Willing to sell it used for $500 plus shipping.

The capacity is 10 lbs, but I found that it worked best with 5-8 lbs at a time.

Did you sell this yet?
If you want small, I have new Rev 1s for less than $200. It's a small capacity at around 1 1/2 pounds of chocolate. Pieces are dishwasher safe. Chocolate, cocoa butter transfer sheets, mold, dipping tool and extra scrapers are also included in this price. At this price you can afford more than one. This deal is only good through the end of September.
I am interested in REV1 how do I contact you? I currently have the same but in non working condition. Does anyone have suggestions on repair? Is it even worth attempting?

I know this has been awhile- but do you have any more machines?


Hi Nancy,


If you are still looking for a REV1, I am selling them brand new for $299.

Hi George,

I'm interested. Where are you based? I'm in Seattle area.
Hi George,

I'd like to see the machine, but am out much of today. I'll try to ring this afternoon/evening to make arrangements. I'm also curious as to what's prompted your interest in selling.

Thanks, Dianne


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