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Looking to buy a vibration table (VIBE or similar).  PM me for details.

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How big of a table are you looking for?  I have one from Chef Rubber that has become redundant.  It would cost $45 plus shipping.  It's not the same one CR currently carries but it is approximately 6" x 8".

Do you still have this vibrating table available? 

Actually, I bought it from Robin...sorry, I should have posted that it's sold.

Thank you!

No, t's not the same one CR currently carries but it is approximately 6" x 8".  I bought it 2 years ago and it was around $200.

I guess I'm not seeing what you're referring to...which one is it like, from their website?

It's no longer carried by Chef Rubber, they have gone to a much more expensive model.

I have the old Chef Rubber vibrator and I bought it used through the forum.  I'm pretty sure it's just a re-branded dental vibrator.  I like mine a lot and my molded chocolates are 99% bubble free.

Yeah, I think the old CR vibrator was just one of these:

I can provide u with best vibrator used for chocolate bubbles send me ur email to send u many picture u will choose and I quote u


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