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I'm looking for a short, education video on cacao: origins, types, cultivation, etc.  I'd want to have the rights to show it to groups (school groups, tours, etc.).  Any ideas? 

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Hi Brent,

I am working on a brief history of chocolate (in chocolate) using chocolate lithophanes as images.  It won't be ready until August, but if you are still interested let me know.  

 I would love to see your video once you are finished. Are you going to be posting it somewhere? You can email me at 

Hi William,

I'd be interested in the video as well.  


Yes, William. I'd be interested. brent (at) blackmountainchocolate .com
I have on dvd about this story how could share it with u

Would you be able to upload it somewhere or share it on drop box? 


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