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Micelli Artisan Mold Program

Micelli Chocolate Mold Company has long focused on the industrial manufacturers in North America.

In recent years they have had increasing demand for designing and manufacturing molds for the Artisan/Specialty Chocolatiers. Whether bean-to-bar producer or specialty sourced chocolate producer, these chocolatiers demand the highest quality mold to reflect their quality chocolate.

Typically, in the past, custom made high quality polycarbonate injection molds were out of reach for the smaller Artisan. Recognizing this, they have introduced the Micelli Artisan mold program with pricing that allows these type of custom molds to be in reach for this market.

• Custom bar/tablet size design with or without your logo
• 3d rendering for your approval
• Prototype mold to test the cavity
• Mold layout drawing for your approval
• Custom injection mold tooling to meet your requirements
• Polycarbonate injection molds in size 275mm x 135mm, 175mm, 205mm or larger if needed
• Complete custom bar/tablet projects starting at about $4,500

All prototypes and final mold orders ship via UPS directly from our New York, U.S.A. factory. This program takes all the mystery out of developing a mold and it is 100% designed, tooled and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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