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ACME table top melter NITRO high volume modification!!

does anyone use the ACME unit? heres a GREAT MODIFICATION (ill make a you tube video one day to show)

remove the light bulbs ( do not use the unit to melt and temper in) the acme will be used to just COOL the chocolate and not melt it.

what I did is cut the plastic scraper half way down a V shape into the blade allowing chocolate from one side to pass thru to the other ( this way BOTH sides are full not just one)

you need a way to melt chocolate before putting in the acme unit. If you have a 50 pound meltor you just take the broken temper chocolate and put in the acme allowing it to fill both sides 3/4. put in shredded seed (use a cheese grater)

as you seed and temper ( no need to worry about it heating up because the lights are out)

you will eventually have it tempered with BOTH sides filled with temper chocolate. Pour a few molds, add 10% more chocolate and half cup seed let mix and keep going. you can make chocolate NON STOP as long as you have the pre melted chocolate available.

You can easily make 50 pounds in about an hour. ( I do it for small batches)

 using the acme to MELT, temper, Melt temper is waist of time..

Ill have a video of this soon its amazing how much more you can make.

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How do you keep the chocolate from cooling down too much?

The idea is that when you do this modification you are doing so because you need to use more chocolate faster. To keep it from getting to cool just add some 120 degrees melted chocolate to one side (not much maybe 1/4 cup at a time) this well also allow you to pour a few pounds and add some hot chocolate and seed, mix for few minutes and pour more, this way you dont have to temper use re temper again and again.

I actually did this MOD because my digital display burnt out. I still need to use a fan to cool the bowl to bring temp down so you will need to be able to put the unit on the lowest setting to keep the fan on OR set the temp to 91 to regulate it (not heat but just allow fan to cool then shut off with out the light bulbs going on because they have been removed), I cant do this because my led is kaput. I just put a fan next to the open place and blew air inside the unit. My unit wont do this or accept the temperature probe because again my control board is shot.

Im actually GLAD my unit failed because I made this mode out of necessity and in turn I can pour a lot more then I ever was able to. Ill take video with full description and post it.

ill be using my kettle this week and ill take video of it, Its really a great MOD to this unit. This mod will do 4 times what a $3000 rev will do in less time.

ALSO: the fact that light bulbs have also been changed by obama. you need not worry because you wont need them any more.

The reason for the small V I cut was so I can add chips to one side along with hot chocolate with out the chips passing to the side I scoop from. I also put chunks as well when I add the hot cocoa, I put seed in the side I scoop from to help temper.

Could you upload a pic of the baffle with the cutout?


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