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América Central),

We saw on line the "Grenada Chocolate  butter press:

and had one made locally---it works very well if one heats the mass first.....and the cocoa powder is excellent.   It didn´t cost us more than 1000 dollars....thought I would add this because I haven´t seen anything better!   

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This press is really simple---only takes 3 pounds of mass at a time....I put the mass in a stocking---the top has hot water---which I don´t like---should be in a seperate tower.   12 ton jack---and I love the results---cocoa butter comes out below---245--260 grams for 1300 cocoa mas---so we end up with a little over 500 gms of cocoa powder----great stuff..never had tasted better cocoa!

Hi Fargo,

We are a small bean to bar producer in Australia, and I've been researching the whole cocoa butter production for a while now. It seems the best way to go for a small producer is the press you have pictured above. Other options are either too expensive or too small. Would it be possible to get a few more pictures of your press, as I'd like to show an engineer friend to help get our design sorted. 

Thanks in advance. Luke

Luke Spencer, Spencer Cocoa, Australia


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