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There is a fabulous discussion in the main forum, started by ChocolateLife member Need Beans, about using one or more Oneida Dust Deputies to make a winnower.

The Dust Deputy is a cyclone separator used to remove most of the dust and large particles before they get to the filter in a shop vac. This keeps the filter from clogging, reducing the suction of the vac.

What is really cool about this is that you can DIY your own inexpensive winnower without doing any construction.

ChocolateLife members Ben Rasmussen and David Senk, among others, have gone far in implementing the idea, which includes David's very DIY idea for using a Kitchen Aid mixer and the meat grinder attachment as a feed mechanism for the winnower.

I am sure, given a little more work, that this will end up being a very attractive option for many, and a good alternative to the PVC-pipe-based designs that use blower fans.

I am closing this discussion to comments. Head on over to the discussion in the main forum by clicking the link to learn more and join in.

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