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Hi everyone,

This summer I will have the opportunity to experiment fermentation. And I was wondering if someone know if it is a minimal size for the boxe. I will be looking at fermenting around 10 kg as I will have to test with in 2 month quite few different beans.

Thank you very much in advance for all your precious advice, which are always very much appreciated.

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Hello Thomas,

Have had any reply to your question? I will be in the DR soon and also needing to ferment small quantities of beans. How have you solved the size issue? What kind of wood do you use? Do you line the box with banana leaves?

Thank you very much for your comments.


Hi Thomas and Alek

See the attached photo of some fermentation boxes I made in Samoa earlier in the year - the size was kind of determined by the available materials - it was quite hard to find un-treated plywood and the local native timber supply is not what it once was. I'm guessing the sizes were around 550mm wide x 550mm deep x 550mm high. This would have been more like 50kg rather than 10kg - I'm not sure such a small amount of beans would be able to generate sufficient heat to sustain the fermentation, but you could try something like these boxes but smaller and see how it goes? These boxes worked fine for fermentation - I was monitoring the temperatures each day and they were heating up nicely.




Thank you very much Rik.

I will try just a bit smaller but like you mention, if the volume is too small the temperature may not rise enough. Did you line the plywood with banana leaves?

Thanks again.


Hi Alek

Yep, lined the boxes with banana palm leaves and spread them on top of the beans, also refreshed these when we re-circulated the beans a couple of times during fermentation.



Here are some smaller sizes fermentation boxes as experimented by farmers for lots of 25 kgs .. I also heard that by proper insulation in bamboo baskets with banana leaves and other leaf one can ferment smaller batches .. but idea is to keep monitoring the temperature from day 2 to day5 .

Hope it helps



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