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Hello guys, while cleaning I broke my melangeur scraper which is plastic and I'm considering gluing it.

I found out in the Internet that the best I could use for gluing plastic is cyanoacrylate or epoxys resin and hardener, either substances mixed with sodium bicarbonate.

Are those adhesives safe for food contact plastics? Have you had any experience with them?

I will really appreciate your comments on this regard.

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I be surprised if a repaired scraper would be strong enough for making chocolate. Probably better to just replace it (get a stainless steel version if possible).

That being said, I needed to repair a melanger bowl a few years ago and was surprised to find that a lot of the epoxies at Lowes were food safe after they had cured.

Thank you for your reply Ben.

That's what I read in a couple of websites, that even though the are labeled as toxic they could be considered food safe as soon as they dry. I will look into the stainless steel version, probably can ask anyone around here to build it for me.


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