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What mods have you done to your tempering machines? If there is something that had made life better please share it. :)
We use a Little Dipper and dip directly from the rotating bowl. A problem we've had is chocolate building up on the rim after you scrape the excess off. Consequently we would scrape the rim every so often.
I got tired of this do I took some plastic. Cut a tapered rectangle out. Punched two holes to match the existing scraper and cut a small notch that would fit the rim of the bowl.
Now the excess chocolate is continuously scraped and runs back into the bowl. :) Life is Good!

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when ever you use those rotating machines you always get that buildup. This is because the chocolate is starting to harden, JUST because you set the temp to 91 does not mean it will stay there, even at 91 it will start to harden because of the way chocolate sets you cannot hold it for a long time especially when the chocolate is mixing and exposed to the cooler air.

My suggestion is to get the little dipper (what is it a few pounds?) and have everything you need ready to dip etc. Anytime the chocolate starts to get thick I would pour that into some break up bar molds so it can be sold as break up in your candy case or pour it in a pan and add almonds to make almond bark.

If I recall ( and I havent used the little dipper in 20 years) if the chocolate even when its fresh and flowing still creeps up the side and goes up and over the bowl and makes a mess I recall just being there to keep it in the bowl as I use it. I also think what I did was cut a chunk out of the top of the scraper so that any chocolate creaping up will hit the cut hole before it goes to the top and out the bowl and lets that act as an overflow you see in a bathroom sink. It also allows some chocolate to pass to the back to mix with seed chocolate.

Those are some great ideas Grant. Thank you for sharing them. We'll have to not h the scraper. It's been awhile since we've gone over the top of the bowl but that will help. :) thank you.


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