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I just got word from our house representative Corinne  Ching that the resolution  (HR40) to make February the official "Hawaii Grown Cacao Month"  was adopted by the state legislature.

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That is great news!
Here is our little farm at noniland in Kauai...
Looks great, love what you're doing! I am going to BAli in June for 3 weeks, maybe check out David Wolfes place there. I have 2 stores, do you wholesale your products?
Its been declared. February is the official Cacao month in Hawaii. My birth month shall always be in the sacred alignment with my dedication to assisting Hawaiian cacao, and especially Kauai cacao to the next level! Lets have massive cacao celebrations all throughout the month of February and make a it a state wide holiday in honor of our beloved cacao!

BTW, I've been here on Kauai for a while now, and seen many different cacao operations. I can say from personal experience, that Noniland is next level style, going above and beyond with the loving touches it takes to really honor the cacao spirits through the way the trees are treated. The most mineralized soils, totally activated by compost teas and other innovative practices with the feeding of the trees, and the all beyond organic style farming of these plants to bring out their own highest potentials to bring that forth and share with the world.


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