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In honor of Official Cacao Month there is a new chocolate Festival in Honolulu , Feb 26th At the Dole Cannery. Hope to see you all there!

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I'll be there.. Aloha!
I'm an event photographer so I'll definitely shoot the festy and post em..


If you put the info in an Event on the Events page I will feature it so everyone will know. Don't forget to include a pretty photo ... and I encourage every Chocolate Life member who attends to take photos and post them.

:: Clay 

I will pass along the info to the organizer again.Since I'm not the organizer of the event I didn't feel I should post it.
funny how i just had a dream last night of going to oahu {~*~}
Hope you can make it! Would love to meet you. You can still get a booth if you want to showcase your raw chocolate.


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