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The purpose of this discussion is to create a place where Hawaiian cacao farmers can identify themselves to other members of the Hawaiian cacao community as well as to people looking to source quality beans from Hawaii.

If you are a cacao farmer working in Hawaii and are currently offering beans for sale - or want to or intend to offer beans for sale at some point in the future - you are encouraged to identify yourself in a reply to this discussion. 

If you know of a cacao farmer working in Hawaii who should be listed in this directory, please add them, OR, get in touch with them to let them know to add themselves to this list.

PLEASE! Put each entry into its own reply to make it easier to find them and organize them later on.

It's not necessary to give explicit contact information (web robots may scrape phone numbers and e-mail addresses), but please indicate the nearest town/city and island where you are working. You can (and probably should) indicate whether or not you are making chocolate or plan to make chocolate from the beans you grow.

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aloha ~ i have access to a farmer here on kauai that sells her "no spray" ~ well LOVED beans for $20 lb ... I AM continuing to do more research and learn more about the farmers here on the island as well as possibly grow another cacao farm here on kauai. this directory idea is great and could BE useful for all growing regions so all have access to all farmers/farms directly i.e. bali / ecuador/peru etc.

I'm a chocolate artist, and would love to be playing with more local Hawaiian grown cacao. Anyone with any connections that I should know about please contact me. Lets get Kauai and the other islands going off with Cacao and put Hawaii on top of the global cacao market for having the greatest cacao on the planet!!

Lets get it goin Laxmi!
Hello all,

I've just recently joined the forum here. I am on Kauai and am looking to make contact with someone that might be willing to sell seeds for germination. We currently have about 14 acres in the Puhi area and would like to work on changing some of the land from sloped pasture to cacao. Any contacts would be greatly appreciated.

email ::

Thank you in advance.

Hi Chocolate Lifers with some connection with Hawaii,

I have 8 acres of pure soiled farmland 3 miles from the city of Pahoa, Hawaii (Big Island) that's ready to be planted with mostly cacao. I will be ready to buy all three varieties of cacao trees soon (around end of 2010). I'll have to locate good organic keiki trees, I know a few good sources but I'm always seeking more. Any suggestions?

Anyone know where to find/buy cacao processing tools (new & used), equipment, plans for drying structures and sweating boxes etc for all stages of processing raw cacao? Anywhere in the world is ok, thanks.

Also, can anyone recommend where to do an internship at a nice large organic cacao farm/processing facility where english or some is spoken?


Serious about truly raw chocolate,

Check out my blog for great chocolate info:
chad dear ... you can talk to tom sharkey ... he'll share some ideas with you :) as for processing, you might look into big tree farms in bali as they have a large processing facility for RAW cacao beans :)

Thank you Deedee! How would I connect with Tom Sharkey, is he on this website or Facebook or other?

Yeah, I recently found Big Tree Farms from David Wolfe's twitter feed. David did a video showing how raw their process truly is. Amazing! I will look deeper into the BTF website.

Thanks for sharing!
sharkey's work phone number is 808-964-5708 >

Thanks so much!!

What do you do with chocolate?
LOVE it ... feel it ... observe it ... grow it ... make it ... share it ...

and u dear ONE?
I love it, feel it, dream it, dance it, make it and share it.. I eat it before yoga class too.. Turns me into Gumby : )

I envision a wonderful future in the raw chocolate artisan industry..
YES then you may INjoy the eat RAW chocolate / drink the fresh made reishi tea and BE the BLISS scenario :)

I AM making raw reishi chocolate so i can skip the tea only if I AM on the flow go ... hmmmmmm
Ah interesting.. Reshi chocolate. Would love to try..


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