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A rolling pin and soil sieve suit my hobby needs at the moment but it doesnt mean that i havent considered speeding things up. Years ago i was looking aat getting a Novital Hammer Mill for this purpose but wasnt sure if it would be gentle enough and it was a bit expensive for an experiment. Well in a video from new chocolate maker Bright Chocolate in Australia just validated that it should be fine for cracking beans. Also the vid show the other kit they use and the equipment would be what i would choose so nice to see it working in practice. Yet to taste the chocolate.

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Thanks for posting, I'd never heard about that brand until this post.  It looks like as a stock model it would produce lots of fines/dust, which, especially if you're not screening the crushed beans, is all loss. Do you know if they modified their mill? I'm a big proponent of screening then winnowing, but it could be that the mill produces incredibly uniform particles and doesn't require it.  Would be interesting see some first hand data on recovery, throughput, and any mods, etc.

These are the reasons I did not buy one. I am not sure if they would share that info but I did find that Simeon Crawley, one of the chocolate makers is on this forum but not a very active profile. You could always PM him and ask. Did you watch the video? The winnower is perspex so you can see the nibs and dust, you may get an idea from that.


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