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I just recieved my bean roaster and am in the process of getting my other equipment to begin my little chocolate journey...
I figured the only thing I could do untill I have all my components is to buy and practice tempering chocolate on marble only to feel like I missed some serious boat! I can't seem to temper bittersweet chocolate without bloom or streaks to save my life!
What have I not read or over-read about tempering chocolate?

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Err...more information please?
. What kind of chocolate do you use?
. To what degrees do you warm, cool, and rewarm your chocolates to?
I was advised to use LIndt or Ghirardelli 60% baking chips to practice tempering. I use/d both following chocolate aclhamey recomondations...115-83-91 degrees. However once on the marble the chocolate I was trying to make my seed would/does not congeal untill aprx 79 degrees. I then puddled some of the chocolate after being slowly reheated to 91 degrees and it bloomed within hours. On one occasion I did not reheat the mix and (as if to mock me) those "puddles" ended up with less bloom and one of them it was acctually glossy...I am using a new instant read therm and with the exception of living in a high humidity area the temp in my home is dry and cool.
Thank you for any advise or kernels of wisdom:)
I'm in my infancy stages of this learning experience so comments, questions and critisisms are as welcome as your patience...


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