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 Can someone please walk me through, step by step, disassembling the Santha 20.  Ever since the first use, it has had an UNBEARABLE high pitched squeal when in use.  I have received info from Kumar, and he suggested re-calibrating the motor speed in the box, which we had tried several times.  This did not really help.  I am thinking that perhaps I need to check the belt?  We replaced the belts on the Santha 11, but the tank is easily removed, and the housing is easy enough to take off and put back together.  Not so sure that this is true of the 20, especially because of the weight of it, and also that the tank is not "removable"...but of course, we know it is...just how?  We are in Costa Rica, so sending it back to Kumar and being without it for several months (plus the whole shipping ordeal) is not an option.  We must learn how to service our own equipment would appreciate any help we can get on how to do it.



Samaritan Xocolata

Costa Rica

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Hi Tao,

I have a Santha 40, which I think is of the same design as the 20, only bigger. If you get one of the PowerTwist fiberglass link belts, you won't need to disassemble anything to replace the belt. When the original belt snapped on my 40 during a batch, I replaced it with a link belt from underneath. To replace, all you'll need to do is remove the bottom panel, cut and remove the existing belt and then put the new belt on. Since it's made up of links, add or remove links as necessary, connect the ends and then put it on the pulleys. The link belt won't stretch or break, so you'll probably never need to replace it again.


Actually, come to think of it, you shouldn't need to disassemble anything to replace the belt with a standard belt either. There's a gap between the outer shell and the bowl. You'd probably just put the belt around the bowl and then push it down into the shell from there. Then, flip the melanger over to fit onto the pulleys and adjust tension as necessary.


I've got a Santha 40 as well and I'm curious about the PowerTwist belt you mentioned above.  Can you tell me more about it and where to get them?

I've usually just bought them on Amazon, but some tool and woodworking shops carry them, too. If I remember correctly, you'll want the 5/8" version for the Santha 40.


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