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I've recently purchased some Criollo bean stock and want to be careful roasting them.


Previously, I've roasted on a perforated baking sheet in a pre-heated home gas oven at 150C (300F) for 20-30 mins, stirring every 5-10 minutes. That gave me a good starting position from which I could adjust my roasts.


I've read in a few spots people aiming for lower temps than that (120C or 250F) for "fruity" beans. What basic roast profile do other people start with when they have a new bean and they want to preserve more delicate notes?

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i am very much interested in following this thread. 
I am planning on roasting and would like hear as well.


I am getting my first bag of beans soon and will start roasting.  I have roasted in the Dominican Republic with rural women who generally like to roast until the outer shell is turning black.  Most of the campo made paste I taste is slightly burnt.  There is the under 120F for raw and I have read has high as 300F.  The 200'sF seems to be the general range for roasting.  I wondered if anyone has tried to roast at say 180F or 150F, and what results did you find? 


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