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Has anybody ever tried this?  I've read that peppers infused in oils, like olive oil, could lead to the growth of botulism in the oil.  I was thinking of infusing some fresh peppers from our garden in melted cocoa butter and then using some of the cocoa butter in a batch of dark chocolate.

I was curious if folks have tried this with cocoa butter.  Or, is it just too dangerous?


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Yes, I have done it with chilli, and other produce too!  I typically find that infusion works at a warm temperature, so the produce has to be impeccably clean.  But you will get the flavour.  Also, consider the fact that it won't be that easy to get the 'same' flavour profile each time.  Sometimes, a pure oil will work better because it's consistent.

Thanks John.  What have you done to "impeccably clean" your produce?  Vinegar and water bath?  A quick blanch? Just lots of scrubbing with water? 

Also, where have you obtained pure oils from?


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