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I have a wet grinder (1.5 Lt capacity) and used to grind my Cocoa in it. It was fun at times, sometimes frustrating too!!! The wet grinder generates heat if run for a long time, I mean more than 60 minutes at a stretch. So it was like marathon, taking 2-3 days to finish grinding. And the chocolate was never silky smooth. a bit gritty. I enjoyed the chocolate though!!!!
(Almost all South Indians use wet grinder).

I feel wet grinder is not a good choice for grinding chocolate.

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Hi Raja,

The grinder I have been using has been modified for improved ventilation to the motor (more holes in the casing and a fan). I've run the grinder for over 8 hours straight without it going above 120F.

What I've been told is that it takes around 8-10 hours in a wet grinder before the particle size has been reduced enough (maybe more depending on your initial sugar particle size).

Maybe you can pop the housing off your grinder and blow a fan over the motor?

Hi Raja,

What brand of wet grinder do you use? How long have you been making chocolates?
Thanks James. I will ask the manufacturer to make the modifications.


It is a local brand, Souza Wet Grinder. Here we get too many brands of wet grinders .

CocoaT melangers are available now for grinding up to 10 lbs of cocoa nibs in a batch. Chocolatiers around the world have used these melangers for the last three years to grind raw or roasted cocoa nibs into cocoa liquor of less than 15 micron size.

These melangers are modified to grind the cocoa nibs for 48 hours without overheating the motor or chocolate liquor. You can get more information on the CocoaT Melangers from

Hi Balu,


Thank you for the information.  I didn`t know about  this website.


Loving our CocoaT Deluxe!


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