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Im making some chocolate in a small santha grinder using cocoa powder and butter. Grinding for about 12 hours. I know this is a bit wrong but I wanted to use an alkalised cocoa so I could make it and store it later for baking and using it to make drinking chocolate out of. -(I do not think alkalised cocoa is available in liquor) Unfortunately it is producing an off flavour coming I think from the fat. It hits the top of the pallet! It is not evident until about a week or two after it is made which is when the chocolate should develop a better flavour not worse. Its a 70% dark with quite a high fat content of 35% total fat in the chocolate. (I use 29% cocoa butter and 41% cocoa powder that has a with 22% fat content) I have tried different varieties of and origin of cocoa but it makes no difference. I am wondering if it is in the tempering process as I do temper by hand. If anyone could offer any assistance I would be exceptionally grateful. 

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Just to clarify that is cocoa butter I use not butter from cows!

I don´t know much about the process of refining and conching... but tempering, you know as soon as you unmold it.. if it´s shiny and crunchy, tempering went fine.. if it´s soft and matte like, or even if it sticks to the mold, tempering went bad.. 

I don´t know about alkalised cocoa.. for what I know it´s not used for chocolate.. just for baking.. but maybe I´m wrong?

good luck!


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