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We have a Bean to Bar (and really bean to everything chocolate) shop in the works and found that sourcing high quality f/t beans is quite difficult, especially when not buying 500Lbs at a time.

Does anyone know of cocoa farms or distributors we can work with?

Thank you in advance!

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Chocolate Alchemy sells high quality f/t beans in smaller quantities. Sourcing small quantities direct from farms can definitely be tough.

Hi Michael,

We are a small company producing in a region in Nicaragua historically well known for the quality its cacao. Our quality has been recognized by major local exporters (large European firms) because of our fermentation and drying processes.

We would like to explore selling directly to bean to bar producers so as to improve our prices and to develop long term relationships.

Would you like to explore this possibility? If so, my email is Please let us know.

Hi Raul,

I'm also interested in finding different places to get beans. Can you please send me information on your Nicaraguan beans.

Hi Erik,

We have two varieties: Criollo and Trinitario, both fermented and naturally dried under the shade. Humidity is 6.4% and fermentation is 81.33% and we have enough to supply 3-5 English tons per year. 

Please feel free to reach out to my partner, Martin, for more information. His email is as follows:




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