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When I temper chocolate in my Mol d'art warmer, I'm aiming for 47/27/31 degrees C per instructions. When I get to 27C, the chocolate is very thick, to the point where I broke a plastic spatula stirring it. It thins when I warm it up again so it hasn't seized.

When I use the tempering machine, it never seems to go to such a low temperature, but the final result is great (actually better).

Should the chocolate be getting that thick when I do it manually. Why doesn't it need to go that low in the machine? 

Any general recommendations from people who use warmers to temper?

- Lane

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Hate to state the obvious but check the calibration of your thermometer, if you temper manually and it seems too thick not stirring to even out the temperature or a one or two difference in your thermometer would give you that condition.

hmm I gues maybe when you do it manually, some of your chocolate is maybe at lower temp, and some at higher.. then you mix, and you get 27 C but from mixing parts at higher temps like.. suppose 32.. and then some thinner layer already at 25.. or even less.. in my short experience, if you work with your spatula to lower the temperature evenly, the tempering is great.. but if you open too much and get too thin areas, and thicker areas at higher temps.. then it sucks. no matter if later you take it all to 31 C.. 

I got to tell you I´m not an expert yet! :D

If you are tempering manually you have to keep moving the mass to ensure that your seeds are distributed and therefore chrystalisation is even. You may still have to intervene with either a heat gun or more seed to ensure correct viscosity. With the chocovision (i assume you are using a Delta) it is easier, but you still need to adjust the temperature to get your correct viscosity.

I think this is likely what's going on. That said, I don't think the chocovision is getting anywhere near that low. BTW, this back came out awesome once warmed back up and some time with the immersion blender.

Thanks guys.


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